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Terms & Conditions

  1. Films for Inspired Youth Dance Film Festival Official Selection must be no longer than 5 minutes for student films and 10 minutes for studio and secondary school films (including titles and credits). There is no minimum time limit.
  2. Inspired Youth Dance Film Festival accepts any and all dance and film genres.
  3. You can use any software to edit video and audio.
  4. You can use any software for colour correction or special effects.
  5. You cannot use copyright material unless you have documentation to prove you have legal authorisation from the musician, artist, writer, or record label. We may ask for this documentation at any time.
  6. You may also be required to provide Dancer Release Forms to be signed by the people appearing in your film.
  7. Inspired Youth Dance Film Festival is open to filmmakers aged 13 to 17.
  8. The submission deadline on the advertised date. There is no extended deadline and films will not be accepted past this date.
  9. Contestants must agree to their film being uploaded to the Inspired Dance website and shown online and on the festival’s YouTube/Vimeo channel at the festival organiser’s discretion, unless stated otherwise and/or discussed with Inspired Dance. Please email us at if you have any concerns about this.
  10. All content submitted must be in accordance with the law and any perceived illegal activity will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
  11. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  12. If your film is selected for Inspired Youth Dance Film Festival it must be submitted in a 16:9 ratio and in a non-compressed format. We recommend an MP4 or .mov, files in the largest size possible, with a constant frame rate and Stereo 48kHz sound so it will look good on the big cinema screen.
  13. Your film can have screened in other film festivals.
  14. You can enter as many films as you like.
  15. If anyone is found to have broken any of the rules then you may be disqualified from the festival at the discretion of the panel.
  16. By entering Inspired Youth Dance Film Festival, you agree to allow your film to be screened as part of our festival if selected, as well as any subsequent tours of our program.
  17. By entering, you agree to allow Inspired Youth Dance Film Festival to distribute your film to a third party. Your film’s producer will be consulted on any deals and we will never distribute your film without complete permission to do so. If no suitable agreement can be found, then we will not include your film in the distribution. This in no way impacts your entry into Inspired Youth Dance Film Festival itself.