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IDFF is honoured to be a part of Marquee TV’s popular Summer Shorts Festival that returns in August, with a series of free short films available for global audiences to watch and enjoy. The collection of 31 short films has been carefully curated by the Marquee TV team, with a particular focus on films that show how the arts help people express themselves and talk about difficult topics. This year’s Marquee TV Summer Shorts Festival celebrates the true power of the arts on an international level.


Murmuring (Australia)
“MURMURING” was borne from the desire to nurture the mental health, spirit and connection of dancers and audiences alike, who were struggling through the prolonged 2020 COVID lock-downs in Victoria, Australia.

Made of Everything (Australia)
Made of Everything is a dance film & documentary hybrid that explores the combined experiences of three sisters as they reflect on their individual perspectives of death, grief, and connection five years after losing their mother to breast cancer. A unique film that utilises choreographed movement and spoken narration to share the personal stories of three women, highlighting the sacred bond that unites them through sisterhood and loss.

Small World – Memory of Love (Japan)
Look over the ocean. Despaired beyond reach, I sank lonely deep and deep into the bottom of the ocean. There is no hope, no light anymore. I thought it wasn’t. But I heard a voice. The voice named love.

Sirens Tango (USA)
Sirens Tango takes us inside a grand dance hall in the 1930s. A series of men are lured to their destruction when they engage in a steamy tango with a seductive dance partner. With a lush musical score, Jazz Age costumes, and visually striking cinematography, this evocative short film uses the Tango as a metaphor for life’s tempting interruptions.

Being (Argentina)
Being captures the restorative power that draws the dancer to the dance. Away from a life of sidewalks and cellphones, where beauty is unnoticed, time stops so it may start again. The dance restores the self, and the senses reconnect with the world, like a flower bouncing back from destruction.

2020 Vision (UK)
2020 Vision uses spoken word and dance imagery to express how many of us have felt during these trying times. The opening lines ‘This year revealed many things. I don’t even know where to start’ sets the tone perfectly.

“We were overwhelmed by the sheer number and quality of short films we received this year and choosing just 30 was a challenge. Telling a story in a short amount of time is a real skill and it is wonderful to see how many artists have responded to the challenge in such an exciting and creative way. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have!”  – Susannah Simons, Director of Partnerships and curator of Summer Shorts at Marquee TV.

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