Run Time: 57 mins

A beautiful collection of thought-provoking dance short films that holds a mirror up to society and the world we live in through the lens of our filmmakers.

My Bubble Wrapped Exorcism (Australia) – 13:24
World Premiere
Student Dance Film

Director – Gilda Louise Jones

Choreographer – MaggZ and Jurnee Manu
Concept – Gilda Louise Jones
Producer – Evie Parks


My Bubble Wrapped Exorcism’ follows a young woman’s lonely journey as she attempts to perform the emotional exorcism of a loved one. The story takes place in her new home, all furniture wrapped up and covered in plastic and all possessions still boxed away.   The film documents the wait for her partner to move in and the subsequent ridding of their memory when they don’t show up.   It is an exploration of loss and grief and the feeling of someone being present but no longer physically in the shared space.

If Love (China) – 3:43
World Premiere
Dance Short Film

Director – Yang Dongcai, Zhong Zhen

Choreographer – ZHO NGZHEN & FEI GUANHAN

If love never comes back, how can I face it?

The Wilyabrup Project (Australia) – 5:40
Dance Short Film


Director – Brenna Day, Steven Aliyan

Producer & Choreographer – Brenna Day
Video Direction & Editing – Steven Alyian
Rigger – Ben Kotovski-Steele
Videographer – Steven Alyian, Ben Berkhout
Music – Steven Alyian

Brenna Day, Bonnie Blewitt

Above the waves, beneath the sky, against the rock. Moving against a staggering vertical cliff face, suspended above wild crashing ocean, two artists dance with the roaring wind and each-other in a celebration of human connection, our experience of nature and the vast wilderness that is the Wilyabrup sea cliffs. A choreographed performance of two bodies in gravity-defying motion tethered to the rockface, this vertical dance frames the artform against truly wild nature that shows the beauty, fragility and resilience of the human body and the environment.  Filmed on Wadandi land in the south west of Western Australia.

Open Up Close (Netherlands) – 5:38
Australian Premiere
Mobile Device Dance Film

Director – Peter Leung, Daniela Cardim

Choreographer – Daniela Cardim, Peter Leung
Concept – Julia-Beth Harris

Federico Bonelli, Calvin Richardson, Hannah Grennell, Monica Barbosa, Sebia Plantefève-Castryck, Leo Hepler, Liliya Land, Connor Holloway, Rachel Beaujean, Laila de Groot

As pandemic restrictions lift, the poetic dance film Open Up Close time travels to our collective consciousness during the height of global lockdown.  Created by choreographers Daniela Cardim and Peter Leung, in collaboration with creative writer, Julia-Beth Harris, they developed a concept which spans three continents and several generations emphasising the red thread of isolation that tied us all together.   Find yourself in the words as they break into movement and look back at the ways we have transformed as the world opens up.

Passing Phases (Singapore) – 6:37
World Premiere
Student Dance Film

Producer, Director and Editor – Jarren Lau 
Choreographers – Chan Chao Peng, Cheryl Grace Gwee, Pang Xue Jing
Cinematographer – Lee Jing Wei
Make-Up – Janine Toh
Costume Design and Set Design – Sandra Sek
1st Assitant Director – Jess Koh
2nd Assistant Director – Ellen Chee
1st Camera Assistant – Terry Tan
Gaffer – Kester Kiew
Best Boy – Soo Yu Neng
Key Grip – Justin Mok
Grip – Heng Ray-Ern
Art Assistants – Chua Khai Xin, Lee Yun Xuan, Ong Jun Wei Andrew
Production Manager – Rashad Bin Faizal

Chao Peng Chan, Cheryl Grace Wee, Xue Jing Pang

Against the backdrop of William Blakes’s “The Echoing Green”, Passing Phases is a dance narrative film that celebrates the moment of now, the act of living.  Each dancer portrays the different phases in life; Birth, Growth and Death. Each with their own unique style and place, they exist together as a whole, much like the poem itself; the 3 stanzas that describe the act of living and it is still seen as a whole.

Dignity / Würde (Germany) – 6:02
Australian Premiere
Student Dance Film

Director & Choreographer – Nadja Görts

Director & Director of Photography – Jens Wirtzfeld
Executive Producer – Benedikt Görts
Line Producer – Tim Menzel
Video Installation – Thorben Winkler
Editor – Nico Dupon
AC – Lennart Koch
Make-Up Design – Wiebke Amelung;
Titel Design – Dominika Zajac
Postproduction Supervisor – Jennifer Weitz

Friederike Günther, Ribwar Rostami, Isilay Özcay, Oana Moczulski

In the garden room of the Cromford mansion, four dancers grapple with their understanding of dignity. Dressed in workers’ overalls, they form a considerable contrast to the sumptuously furnished room, which was once facilitated by child labor in the 18th century. The diverse cultural origins of the dancers underline their different understanding of dignity and human rights. The complexity of the topic is also supported with the help of fractal technology. For this, the dancers interact with a separate camera, which was placed directly in front of a monitor showing the filmed images. The inertia of the image transmission results in a time delay in the choreography and thus creates new approaches to movement. The result is a kaleidoscope as versatile as the understanding of dignity itself.

Saphi (Spain) – 2:35
Australian Premiere
Dance Short Film

Director – Javier Cano Larumbe

Choreographer – Laura Castells
Producer – Martí Font, Cristina Herrera, Alejandra Zilvetti, Javier Cano Larumbe
Director of Photography – Paula Jordan
Stylist & Fashion Designer – Alejandra Zilvetti
Editor – Judith Miralles Ruich
Sound Designer – Roger Navarro
Music Composer – Bernardo Castro
Music Mixer – Jorge Sapién
Musicians – Ro Rowan, Lelie Cristea
Color Grading – Dani Granado
Graphic Designer – Gorka Plans

Paula Losada

“Saphi” is an adventure to our origins, back to our roots and the deepest of our essence. A journey which connects our inner selves through nature and the world around us.

Kin (UK) – 10:27
Australian Premiere
Dance Short Film

Directors – Dan Lowenstein, Kenneth Tindall

Choreographer – Kenneth Tindall
Producer – Kenneth Tindall, Dan Lowenstein, Barney Coates, Northern Ballet, House of Create

Joseph Taylor, Abigail Prudames, Lorenzo Trossello

Haunted by the loss of his brother, Anthony looks for solace in the water.   Inspired by David Nixon OBE’s stage production of Swan Lake, Northern Ballet’s original dance film KIN explores the struggle with grief and the demons that lie within.

Formless (France) – 3:08
World Premiere
Art/Experimental Dance Film

Director & Editor – Blandine Vives

Choreographer – Amandine Lamouroux
Composer – Morgan Biard
Grading – Raphaël De Monpezat
Location – Studio Lucette

Amandine Lamouroux

“Formless” is a short film about the idea of transformation. In an empty space, a body evolves facing the camera. Between escape and confrontation, the movement is imagined from a membranous body, leaving behind all human mechanisms. A matter in constant deformation spirals and dissolves in an aquatic environment.