Run Time: 78 mins

2 films of very different styles that awaken the senses and excite the mind.

Miroirs (Japan) – 57:15
Live Perfomance Capture

About 100 years after the composition of Ravel’s suite “Mirror,” the work has been reinterpreted into a multi-disciplinary artistic work that equationally connects contemporary dance, modern classical music, and digital art.

The depths of our spirit are unknown to us – the mysterious way leads inwards. Eternity with its worlds – the past and future – is in ourselves or nowhere. – Novalis –  The two mirrors face each other, and the eternal process of reflection and the work of mutual transformation never ends, but circulates, permeates, and eventually converges. Reflection is a process of integration with wholeness. Eventually, the world is figured through aesthetic codes.  Through the process of self-recognition through the existence of the self and the “gaze” of others, this work depicts the nested structure of the self and others from the perspective of the whole, based on the process of a woman’s growth.  With the paradox of the existence of the “self” in the mirror and the “gaze” of others as the axis, the work asks endless questions about the harmony and relationship between the “world/whole” and the individual.  

Awoken Soma (UK) – 20:44
World Premiere 
Extended Short Dance Film

Awoken Soma shares the reality of a small sample who have experienced trauma and have embedded emotions within their minds that cause everyday pain. However life goes on; things with us can be missed.  Behind the smile you cannot always find happiness. Behind the hard work , its not always just motivation.