Run Time: 66 mins

2 short Australian premiere documentaries that speak to the strength of the human spirit to overcome fear and personal challenges through the power of dance.

Invitation to the Dance (USA) – 38:36
Australian Premiere

Producer & Director – Sarah Shoemaker

Director of Photography – Andrew Bradford
Original Score – Joe Pisapia
Co-Editor / Sound Mastering – Jonathan Furnell

Invitation to the Dance introduces Lena Forster and her adult special needs ballet class.  Filmmaker Sarah Shoemaker follows five students through a year of dance and life, offering viewers the opportunity to glimpse a perspective frequently overlooked, to listen to voices frequently unheard, and witness the experiences of those who are impacted by the dancers. The film seeks to explore questions about life, community, and our ability to appreciate both the gifts and the limits of each of us.

Omen (USA) – 27:31
Australian Premiere

Director – Harlan Taney, Justin Clifton, Blake McCord

Choreographer – Elisa Venezia
Concept – Elisa Venezia
Producer – Harlan Taney, Elisa Venezia

Myra Popejoy, Joanie Garcia, Elisa Venezia, Carrie Reynolds, Abby Chan, Isabelle Dove Robinson

Through dance and movement, OMEN tells the story of one woman’s exploration of bravery and perseverance, intimately following her as she takes risks and overcomes fears. The film tells the story of our shared interdependence – and the beauty of surrendering to the unknown. OMEN was shot in the Grand Canyon National Park by award-winning filmmakers Harlan Taney, Justin Clifton, and Blake McCord of Sandcast Media. OMEN is a 10-minute dance film with a 17 min. companion documentary film.