Program 9

International Allsorts

Weight of the Moon (US) – 10:07

10-minute dance film exploring the interconnected and reciprocal relationship between body and ocean; a conversation where we experience ourselves not as the centre, but as a thread in a larger fabric of being.

Chameleon (US) – 6:57

“Chameleon” is a transformative blend of two spirits becoming one. Representing the continuous re-inventing of relationships, it evokes and awakens both feelings of submissiveness & sensuality. Originally created as an ensemble dance for stage work, today, Choreographer and Artistic Director of Jazz Spectrum Dance Company, Janell Burgess has re-invented “Chameleon” into a beautiful pas de deux for film.

Like Water (UK) – 9:10

LIKE WATER acknowledges the resilience of our ancestors, passed down from generation to generation. A world unkind to our people, yet somehow, we survive. A world that that has conditioned us to not see the beauty of our skin, hair, culture and our people. But like water we flow, like water we change shape. We remain resilient.

BIRDS (France) – 8:34

Birds is a short digital choreographic piece imagined thought directed by John Degois. With this piece he tries to transpose live performance into film. He thus chooses to make a sequence shot in order to keep the notion of “live”, slow motion to allow the spectator to have time to watch where he wants. He also breaks the perspective by not necessarily centring the main action in the middle of the image. Against a background of melancholy, Birds evokes a time when the question of freedom did not arise.

Downriver (Switzerland) – 10:00

Water – Leonardo da Vinci called it ‘the blood of the planet’. A group of people emerges from the water. They try to resist the current of the river and the stream of people in the city but have to surrender to the flow and are washed ashore.
On the shore, the stranded seek for hold and refuge. In the course of the film ‘against or with the flow’, ‘resistance and devotion’ manifest as a primal instinct, as a survival strategy.