Program 8

Dance Company Delights

102 Degrees (US) – World Premiere  13:31

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Tampa City Ballet presents 7th Avenue & Ybor – 102 Degrees, a short film about the cycle of life, loss and love.
In 1918, the cigar factory workers in Ybor City were among the hardest hit communities by the Spanish Flu in Florida. Living and working close together, they wore makeshift masks of gauze and attempted to sanitize their environment. Despite their best efforts, half of the Ybor City cigar workers contracted the disease. This tragic history is part of a memory shared by many generations of Ybor families.

TA MARA (Poland) – 10:00

This production was inspired by the life and paintings of Tamara Lempicka. The film consists of two, polar opposite approaches to imagery, that merge into an ambiguous yet enticing portrait of a woman. On one side, TA MARA is overwhelmed by an artistic frenzy that awakens her inner demon, on the other – she is calm, frozen in a state of perpetual waiting. These extremes, similar to the sides of Muskau Park, form one single unity. The expressed movements of female dancers from the Polish Dance Theater team reflect the elegance, precision and figurality of Łempicka’s paintings.

Strings (UK) – 11:47

Strings explores the rich possibilities for connection, communication and creative expression through dance. Bringing together Barrowland Ballet’s dance artists and young people with complex needs, Strings celebrates children’s ability to take the lead and express themselves physically.

Out Of Ruin (US) – 15:00

The work shares a visually rich and kinetic allegory of individual clans in isolation who journey to discover their paths to a place of unity.