Program 7

Dance Triple Bill

The Room Inside (Australia) – World Premiere  10:50

‘The Room Inside: Making Memory House’ is a short documentary film recording the process and reflections of the cast and crew of Memory House. Originally a much longer live dance theatre production, the COVID-19 pandemic required the project and participants to change, in order to continue their work, and to overcome new challenges. The artwork is also remarkable for translating theories of mind and memory into movement, and the way this paralleled the lived experiences of the people making it.

Memory House (Australia) – World Premiere  8:22

Memory House is a short dance theatre film exploring the physicality of memory, the body as home and the Jungian archetype of the house as a metaphor for self. The body becomes a site for both sanctuary and confinement in repeating patterns of human behaviour. A spiralling journey through time and memory as one woman looks back on her past to re-create her future.

Rite of Spring (US) – World Premiere  40:00

Our tribe has been seeded within an interplanetary experiment to research sustainable life. This community has isolated inside bunkers underground, following their own strict protocol for post-apocalypse survival. The apocalypse brought a terrifying disease, but they have – carefully, ruthlessly – persisted. And now, generations later, a beacon of hope is found. This story is a rite of passage, a movement to the next realm of possibility, a rescue mission, and, inevitably, a story of abandonment. It is an ode to the fight for humanity, both as a cautionary tale and a parallel to the uncharted, harrowing territories we found ourselves in this year.