Program 6

Live Capture / Mobile Device /Features

Live Action Relay (Australia) – 14:56

A drone, 3 dancers, a director, a musician and a spectacular space.

Live Action Relay sees acclaimed Sydney choreographer and filmmaker Sue Healey break new ground, creating a digitally-broadcast dance performance streamed from a drone. Live Action Relay rethinks the way we experience performance, creating a dance that would be impossible in a theatre situation. It is immediate and raw, revealing split-second, real-time decision-making between drone pilot, director, musician and dancers, in an immediate and heart-racing spectacle.

Garden Bed (US) – World Premiere  5:00

Filmed entirely on a mobile phone, Garden Bed tells the story of a woman who clings to her idealized fantasy of parenting, but her children dismantle her expectations by asserting their own authenticity

Threshold (US) – 13:36

Threshold is a poetic and intimate dance of remembrance. Dance filmmaker Larry Asakawa and choreographer Kara Jhalak Miller collaborated to create a screendance with the Jhalak Dance Company. Performers included Tina Chan, Cy Higashi, Lance Sabado, and Katelyn Wyatt. In 2021 the dancers met in person for the first time since the global pandemic required restrictions in Hawai’i a year before.
This work was digitally filmed on iPhones over two days.

Transfigured Night (Germany) – 29:53

In the middle of the 3rd wave Marijn Rademaker created this thrilling psychogram dance film speaking to the soul of the viewer on music by Arnold Schönberg in cooperation with Ballet Dortmund, Dortmund Philharmonic and Academy for theatre and digitality in this dance feature film.

Three dancers transfigure through this piece by dealing with fear, doubt, jealousy, anger but also love, acceptance and integration.
Rademaker staged the orchestra around the dancers and used them as a prolongation of their emotion to create this touching co-production.