Program 5

Art/Experimental Dance Shorts

Lotus (France) – 9:29

The Lotus flower is regarded in many cultures as a symbol of rebirth, growth and transformation. This film is an expression of that process. Inspired by Angelika´s near-death experience we immersed ourselves underwater in the sacred Mayan Cenotes to tell her story of growth from pain, anxiety, fear to surrender, coherence, harmony & flow. Just like the lotus seed grows from dark waters to become the most beautiful flower, we too have the ability to grow to our full potential. This film is an invitation to dive deep within, reconnect with the soul and experience the profound power of life.

Dreaming Umbra’s Realm (US) – World Premiere  3:47

Dreaming Umbra’s Realm illustrates a world of confined shadow spirits dreaming of freedom. The film reflects the challenges of dancing through the limitations of a pandemic.

2020 Vision (UK) – World Premiere  4:00

2020 Vision uses spoken word and dance imagery to express how many of us have felt during these trying times. The opening lines ‘This year revealed many things. I don’t even know where to start’ sets the tone perfectly.

Headway (US) – World Premiere  6:49

Headway is about how depression can make one feel like they’re lifeless, hopeless and lost. But what happens when a depressed person decides they no longer wish to remain in that place? Our film is set in the woods. The woods signify the dark, labyrinth-like environment depression can force one to feel like they’re trapped in.

Sirens Tango (US) – 11:36

A series of men are lured to their destruction when they engage in a steamy tango with a seductive dance partner. With a lush musical score, Jazz Age costumes, and visually striking cinematography, this evocative short film uses the tango as a metaphor for life’s tempting interruptions.

NASATYA – The Twin dancers (France) – World Premiere  4:20

According to the legend, Nasatyas are twin gods. They appear
just before dawn, symbolizing the rising sun and opening a path
to Usas, the goddess of dawn, announcing the beginning of a
new day. The choreography is a circle of life coming down on 1 day for the Twins sisters.

Lamentation: Iconic (US) – 7:03

Lamentation – Iconic examines American modern dance pioneer Martha Graham’s 1930 solo “Lamentation” through a queer lens. Graham felt that female grief was powerful rather than fragile. In Lamentation: Iconic we pick up where Graham left off and ask what might happen if we survive the grief of hiding one’s true self and risk the journey of transformation.

RENGAJO (Iran) – World Premiere  4:08

Rengajo is a newborn Kurdish word; the rotator of colours. It lives in a part of history black and white can no more to the humankind. Nowadays, pluralistic world doesn’t give the evil a speaking voice. Here, today, we are just a universe born from intercourse of the colours. Life is a rug … Each of us plays a colour of it.

Displaced (Australia) – 2:35

A dance creation, in which the movements of freedom are the result of improvisations that arose at the time of dancing, and as an artist and dancer to be able to express those feelings of uncertainty, powerlessness, need and desire for empathy with the real experiences of others.

“We cannot heal the world today, but we can start with a voice of compassion, a heart of love, and an act of kindness.” Mary Davis

Blast (UK) – 5:12

BLAST takes its cue from the growth of radical ideologies and modern art in London, 1914. The film evokes the pulsing energy of early modernism with its experiments in form and desire to manifest a utopian future. We sit alongside a female audience and follow an artist, two dancers and two lovers, with the heavy shadow of retrospect, knowing the carnage and decimation that was to follow this remarkable period of productivity.