Program 4

International Dance Shorts 

The Conversation (UK) – 13:27

Through a dynamic fusion of movement and dialogue, The Conversation explores the challenges black men and women experience when communicating their racial experience to white partners.

Séance, The Holding On and The Letting Go (UK) – World Premiere  6:38

An exquisite study of love and loss through the choreography of Jordan James Bridge, set to a haunting sonic landscape by Tom Ashbrook. This astonishing new film from Rick Guest & Rob Rae features the incredible talents of dancers Eileih Muir and Izzac Carroll, with stunning costumes by fashion editor Olivia Pomp.

The Gift (France) – World Premiere  5:15

The gift is a dance performance to express the beauty inside all of us.

Lady Be Good (US) – World Premiere  5:30

Lady Be Good tells the story of a bartender who reflects on one unforgettable night, set to a stunning jazz sound and an unmistakable Broadway dance style.

Exhale (Netherlands) – 5:48
Exhale starts in shock when a traumatic event makes you aware of your vulnerability. Your reality has been affected. Can you trust your senses? Exhale evokes reflection, letting go of your anger and overcoming the feeling of powerlessness. And ultimately regaining confidence in your own instincts and body.

A Space Left Blank (UK) – World Premiere  7:50

It’s in our nature to advance. We create technologies that express our instinctive desire to build relationships with one another. So, what happens when the screens that are meant to bring us together get in the way of real connection? Choreographers and dancers Travis Clausen-Knight and James Pett embody and expose the tension between the numb immediacy of virtual separation and an innate need for human touch.

Solitude (Italy) – 6:43

Solitude tells a dream. Two souls meet, an anomalous place for a gaze proposal. The intentions meet and from there, fluid-like drops of bubble bath, an accomplice energy starts flowing between precious rooms. Dance is the expression of an ardent passion that precedes a carnal encounter. But we will never know if this will have a sequel. After an escape, loneliness.

*Contains Partial Nudity

Small World – Memory of Love (Japan) – World Premiere  5:44

Look over the ocean.
Despaired beyond reach, I sank lonely deep and deep into the bottom of the ocean.
There is no hope, no light anymore.
I thought it wasn’t.
But I heard a voice.
The voice named love.

A Dream of Touch When Touch is Gone (US) World Premiere  8:11

A dream, a vision told through movement of falling into the COVID reality and dreaming of the moment we emerge back to physical touch as an essential need of our society and humanity.