Program 3

Australian Dance Shorts

Circumstance 2020 – 20:00

Filmed in Bombo Australia In reaction to the pandemic, 27 dancers defy the consequences of the lockdown – no work, no contact, no live performance – through the use of a drone to capture their dance from a distance.

A study in isolation, connection and moving in precarious spaces.

The Crafting – World Premiere  6:02

Hands design what the heart desires, but what happens to the heart when the hands can’t reach high enough? Throughout the 3-act film, The Crafting visualises the idea that we are limited in our ability to attain perfection but there is beauty when we surrender in the contention for control.

Made of Everything – 6:38

Made of Everything is a dance film & documentary hybrid that explores the combined experiences of three sisters as they reflect on their individual perspectives of death, grief and connection five years after losing their mother to breast cancer. A unique film that utilises choreographed movement and spoken narration to share personal stories of three women, highlighting the sacred bond that unites them through sisterhood and loss.

Still Life – 15:00

Still Life is a triptych of three films inspired by the stage version. The films are the result of a 12-month COVID-enforced collaboration between Australasian Dance Collective and Kiosk Film.

Bella – World Premiere  7:25

A pirouette through the turbulence of life.

*Contains Partial Nudity

Murmuring – 5:18

The inspiration for the piece is the murmuration of starlings – a formidable sight to behold. The aerial formations change in an instant, creating a fluid mesmerising dance in the sky. But it is more than just movement. Murmuration is an innate collective behaviour essentially protecting the vulnerable individuals in the community, from danger. Whilst humans have lost this innate behaviour, the pandemic has forced us to collectively behave a certain way to protect our vulnerable.