Program 2

Dance Documentary / Feature

Why I Dance (Norway) – 24:24
In 2018, French choreographer Louis Clément da Costa worked with a group of young dancers in Kigali, Rwanda. The theme they explored was “freedom”.

With da Costa’s choreography acting as the continuous thread throughout the film, we see the dancers performing in various locations around Kigali. We are given a glimpse into everyday life in Rwanda, and we witness the young dancers’ passion and commitment to dance.

Behind Murmuring (Australia) – World Premiere 15:00

Amidst a sense of despondency, the collaborative Project Starling evolved. It aimed to work within the COVID restrictions with the mission that artists, volunteers and audience members would feel a sense of achievement and connection, despite the year which challenged those very things.

Project Starling was a plan to work towards producing a film of a large group choreographed piece in a public location which would involve artists and students mentoring, learning and rehearsing remotely until they could meet in person.

Places, Please (US) – World Premiere 20:19

8 Artists meet in a support group to discuss how the COVID – 19 shutdown has affected their lives and livelihood. Blending live theatre and film techniques, the audience gets an intimate look into the minds, passions, and struggles of our artists during these unprecedented times. The Artist’s journey is a reflection of the human experience and Places, Please is a theatrical representation of a generation surviving in a Global Pandemic.