Program 1

Best Student Dance Shorts

Out of Breath (Korea) – 14:48

Those who are trapped in a relationship that destroys each other, and the struggle of one person to get away from it.

A choreographic film with only music and dance. The whole story is autobiographical.

Kaleidoscope (US) – 2:09

A dance in film created based on the visual appeal of a kaleidoscope.

Before the Sentence: The Film (US) – 5:37

A short film explores the ache that unexpectedness posses.

Time to Dream (US) – 17:48

Time to dream is a collection of short dance films that acknowledges oppressive forces of the past and present, in order to envision a better future.

On the Bench (UK) World Premiere – 7:52

During the chaos of the epidemic, they met each other, not too early nor too late. Supposing that permanent is a long period of time, he wants to spend the time being with her.

Sonder (US) – 4:56

Sonder–n. the realization that everyone in your life lives their own vivid and complex life of their own.

她.SHE (China) World Premiere – 7:14

Inspired by the protest for International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on 25 November 2019, and the conversation between my mother and me to explore the topic of victim shaming and gender inequality.